• Impact Modifier
  • HDPE pipe granules image

    GRADE :-TSB-36

    Is a new type of PVC impact modifier independently developed by our company. The interpenetrating network co polymer formed by grafting of light chlorinated PVC and acrylate overcomes the shortcomings of high glass transition temperature and poor dispersion of CPE, which can provide better toughness, low temperature impact resistance and improve weather resistance. It is mainly used in PVC pipes, profiles, boards, and foamed products.

    Key Features of the Product:
    ·Completely replacing ACR, CPE and ACM (recommended dosage is 70%-80% of the dosage of CPE).
    ·Excellent compatibility with PVC resins and good thermal stability, reducing melt viscosity and plasticizing time.
    ·According to the change of current and torque, the amount of lubricant can be reduced properly
    ·Greatly improving hardness and weatherability of PVC pipes, cables, casings, profiles, sheets, etc.
    ·Providing better tensile strength, impact resistance and elongation at break than CPE.