PE Compound Manufacturers

TSB PolyChem Pvt. Ltd. is one of the prominent PE compound Manufacturers in India. We deliver top-quality PE compounds for serving various industries for making wire insulation, cable sheathing, pipes, and making number of thermoplastic products.

With years of experience and excellence, we have earned a trusted position in the market by continuously delivering standard products. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities utilize the latest technologies and processes to ensure the highest standards of quality and consistently produce the newest product.

About Our PE compound

PE compound has been derived from polyethylene. It is a thermoplastic material widely used in various industries for making non-conductive products. TSB PolyChem designs superior-quality PE compound that stands out for its exceptional properties with resistance to moisture, chemicals, and impact.

With a focus on innovation, our PE compounds are formulated to produce several industrial goods that have excellent insulation properties in diverse environmental conditions. Our PE compound is used to manufacture pipes and fittings for plumbing, irrigation, drainage systems, films, cables, molded parts, automotive components, medical equipment, and many more things the list is huge. Its utility is diverse in various industrial streams such as automotive, construction, healthcare, packaging, electrical, agriculture, consumer goods, textiles, marine applications, and more.

Whether it is custom formulations or standard grades, our products are designed to deliver outstanding results, for the success of our clients' projects. Moreover, these PE compound is commonly used in the production of packaging materials such as plastic bags, films, and containers due to their moisture resistance and ability to be easily molded into different shapes.

Properties of Our PE Compound
  • Excellent durability and longevity
  • Resistance to moisture and chemicals
  • Superior strength quality
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Lightweight, facilitating ease of handling and transportation
  • Eco-friendly goods with recyclable properties
  • Flexible and adaptable for diverse formulations
PE Compound Prodction at TSB PolyChem

At TSB PolyChem Pvt. Ltd., our manufacturing process involves precise polyethylene resins with additives and modifiers to achieve desired properties. This mixture undergoes rigorous compounding and extrusion processes for uniformity and consistency. The result goes to the high-quality PE compound that is ready to meet the diverse needs of our customers across industries.

Quality Commitment

Our quality checking process for PE Compound involves thorough inspections at multiple stages. Primarily raw materials undergo stringent testing for the surety of purity. During compounding, we monitor some parameters such as temperature, pressure, and mixing ratios to maintain quality standards. Apart from that, regularly collected samples and analyzed them in our state-of-the-art laboratory for physical, mechanical, and chemical properties. Our quality assurance team conducts comprehensive visual inspections to identify any defects or irregularities.

Reason to Choose Us?

At TSB PolyChem Pvt. Ltd. we produce superior PE compounds. Under cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and technology, we commit to innovation and continuous improvement so that our customers receive consistently high-quality products tailored to specific requirements.

  • Optical Fibre Cable
  • PE Compound Manufacturers

    GRADE: PE-99

    Fibre connections are becoming continuously more common and contain, within the same subscriber line, almost unlimited possibilities for Internet, speech and TV services. Services in health and well-being, safety, remote work, education and entertainment, high-definition TV and express messaging – fibre optics represent the only solution which can reliably meet the needs of households in the future.

  • Aerial Bunched Cable
  • Best PE Compound Suppliers In India

    GRADE:- PE-44

    Aerial Bunched Cables (ABC) is a very novel concept for Over Head Power distribution. When compared to the conventional bare conductor over head distribution system. ABC provides higher safety and reliability, lower power losses and ultimate system economy by reducing installation, maintenance and operative cost. This system is ideal for rural distribution and specially attractive for installation in difficult terrains such as hilly areas, forest areas, coastal areas etc.

  • PE High Voltage Power Cable compound
  • Top PE Compound Manufacturers

    GRADE:- PE-55

    A power cable is an electrical cable, an assembly of one or more electrical conductors, usually held together with an overall sheath. The assembly is used for transmission of electrical power. Power cables may be installed as permanent wiring within buildings, buried in the ground, run overhead, or exposed. Power cables that are bundled inside thermoplastic sheathing and that are intended to be run inside a building are known as NM-B (nonmetallic sheathed building cable). A USB-C power cable. Flexible power cables are used for portable devices, mobile tools, and machinery.