PBT Compound Suppliers In India

TSB PolyChem Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading PBT Compound Suppliers in India. Serving the industry for years in thermopolymer production, we consistently provide high-performance PBT compounds for various plastic needs. Specializing in the thermoplastic domain, our PBT compounds are suitable for use in industrial equipment, household appliances, consumer goods, and several polymer items production.

At TSB PolyChem, we prioritize innovation and using advanced tech and skilled professionals implement the latest research and introduce our customers to the newest product with consistency and reliability in every batch.

About Our PBT Compound

PBT is an extension of Polybutylene Terephthalate. It is a high-performance engineering thermoplastic polymer or crystalline synthetic resin that is produced from butane diol and terephthalic acid’s PolyChem is one of the top-notch PBT Compound Suppliers in India, delivering premium-quality PBT compounds that are widely used to design connectors, sensors, housings, several electrical sockets, and insulating components.

Features of Our PBT Compound

Our PBT compounds are manufactured using high-quality Polybutylene Terephthalate. This material is created through the polymerization of butane diol and terephthalic acid. This result exhibits several features such as sturdy strength, extreme heat resistance, excellent dimensional stability, superior electrical insulating properties, high rigidity, chemical and weathering resistance, UV resistance, lightweight, versatility, and durability.

Due to its unique processing properties and surface appearance, it is used for several high-performance industrial-purpose products. Moreover, our PBT compound can be modified with such elements including glass fiber, mineral fillers, flame retardant, and more, and make a valuable change in the properties base PBT material. This compositions-based PBT contains several properties including, extreme stiffness, hardness, high fatigue, creep resistance, increased thermal stability, wear resistance, low friction, excellent surface finish, zero stress cracks, good tracing resistance, high sliding properties, low smoke density, and extreme flame retardant compound with halogen.

Applications Our PBT Compound

Comes with excellent mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties our PBT compounds are widely used in various industries and applications such as automotive applications, electronics, industrial and consumer goods, outdoor applications, and more.

Our Expertise in the Production of PBT compound

At TSB PolyChem, we employ advanced technology and state-of-the-art engineering in our manufacturing facility. Along with rich industry experience, we have great expertise in manufacturing PBT compounds. Our professionals develop high-performance materials focusing on precision and innovation.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to quality, we always deliver PBT compounds that excel in performance and durability. Moreover, one of our skilled team rigorously conducts inspection and testing processes to ensure the reliability of our creation. Our commitment to the quality perspective enables us to achieve the highest global quality standards set by different national and international industrial organizations.

Being a customer-centric organization, Customer satisfaction is our core business ethics. We do research and analysis to understand the client's specific requirements and provide customized solutions that cater to their unique needs.

Let's connect with TSB PolyChem and experience the advantage of our superior quality, unmatched performance products. Elevate your projects with the finest PBT compounds available with us.

  • PBT resin
  • PBT Granules Suppliers In India

    PBT resin with high viscosity has the characteristics of small shrinkage, high mechanical properties, stable chemical properties, hydrolysis resistance, easy processing and forming.

    It is mainly used in automobile, electronic appliance, industrial machinery, textile and industrial fabric, polymer alloy and blending industry. (auto parts, electronic appliances, textile manufacturing, aerospace materials, rabbit hair, imitation Lycra, chenille, optical cable, wig, eyelashes).

  • PBT compound
  • PBT Compound Suppliers In India

    PBT compound is a high-performance engineering thermoplastic that is produced by mixing PBT resin with various additives to achieve specific performance characteristics. It offers excellent mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties, making it suitable for high-temperature applications such as automotive parts and electrical components. PBT compound also has good dimensional stability and low water absorption.