• Biodegradable Compounds
  • HDPE pipe granules image

    Biodegradable Compound is one compostable random copolymer produced through a polycondensation reaction, consisting of a copolyester of and terephthalate acid. When metabolized in the soil or compost under standard conditions, will biodegrade into small monomers. These small monomers will be taken by microorganisms, and eventually biodegrade into carbon dioxide and water.

    The compostability of fulfills the requirements of DIN V 54900-1, EN 13432, ASTM D 6400 standard, and the material meets the U.S. FDA food safety standard. The high molecular weight of makes it possible for blown or cast film, alone or blended with other materials.

    It is a compostable alternative to LDPE, with many similar properties including flexibility and resilience. Particular applications include cling wrap for food packaging, compostable plastic bags for gardening, agricultural usage, and as water resistant coatings for other materials, such as in paper cups.