Blowing Agent Suppliers In India

TSB Polychem is the world leader in the domain of Blowing Agent Suppliers In India. Being a rapidly growing multi-diversified brand, we set the benchmark reference in the world of chemicals. Driven by consistent innovation, we produce superior-grade blowing chemicals for creating cellular structures of plastic-like material. Recognized for its quality, our blowing agent is widely used for the expansion of rubber, and PVC to turn them into sponge and foam sheets to cater to the evolving needs of various manufacturing industries.

What is a Blowing Agent?

The blowing agent is a chemical substance used to process gas or vapor into materials. Commonly employed in the production of PVC, natural and synthetic rubbers for transformation into expanding and lightening materials like foam. TSB Polychem is one of the reputed blowing agent suppliers in India, that produces premium-quality chemicals known as Azodicarbonamide or ADC, ADCL.

During the manufacturing process, our blowing agent releases gas, forming bubbles or voids within the material. The results present a light and insulating product by enhancing its properties. The resulting material is widely applied where reduced weight and improved thermal insulation are desired.

Features and Benefits of our Product

AT TSB Polychem blowing agents are produced using premium-quality and virgin materials that deliver true results and exemplify several features like increased material strength, insulation properties, energy efficiency, costs, and many more. Thus, there is a huge list of benefits of employing our blowing agent in the different manufacturing processes.

  • Reduces the weight of materials
  • Optimizes material usage and reduces production liabilities
  • Contribute to the development of eco-friendly and sustainable products
  • Facilitates quick production process time
  • Supports the creation of high-performance materials

Our Product usage for Industrial Applications

Being one of the trusted Blowing Agent Suppliers In India, we are acclaimed for the highest standards of quality and meet the ever-growing demand of the consumers of diverse industries for the production of Hawai Chappals, EVA Slippers, Canvas Shoes, PVC Shoe Soles, LDPE, Rubber Foams, Rubber Linings for Doors and Windows Layered Water Tanks, Coaxial Cables, PE Extrusion, Footwear, Tyres, Pipes, Hoses, and more.

Our expertise

The constantly innovating to a brand synonymous with expertise, we are ahead of time. With the huge capacity of our state-of-the-art plant and machinery, we manufacture global standard products by practicing the constant technology up-gradation. We focus on the enhancement and development of new products and services as well as keeping ourselves in front of the competition.

Why To the TSB Polychem

Having a respectful status in the industry, TSB Polychem believes in quality. Every product goes through a series of quality checks at the time of various stages during the production process. Our in-house facilities for testing, analysis, and development units rigorously examine and take corrective action initiated. This helps us in conveying new heights of success in the industry.

Our partners acclaimed us for many reasons such as competitive prices, proactive business approach, quality-centric operations, huge clientele, timely delivery of consignments, and trusted relations with our customers.

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    Azodicarbonamide (also known as ADC or ADCL) is the most popular chemical blowing agent. Generally, AC is orange to pale yellow, crystalline solid with a decomposition temperature of 201-205 C (in air).Unlike a number of other chemical blowing agents, AC is self-extinguishing when flame is removed. The decomposition residuesare odorless, non-toxic, non-coloring and, non-straining.The particle size and distribution can be controlled with widely different ranges. The particle size and distribution is one of the most significant factors.