• Silicone Additive
  • HDPE pipe granules image

    Silicone additive of TSB series, appearing as white pellet and powder, are made of polyalkoxysilane with high molecular weight, and used as processing lubricant for plastic. Silicone additive overcomes the disadvantages in properties and productions which traditional additive like simethicone may possess. Silicone additive of TSB series are safe, stable, convenient, and has good dispersity in resin and its characteristics are showed as below:

    This product can improve plastic's abilities to flow and demold, decrease the torque/equipment wear, and facilitate mold filling, so as to reduce the defective rate of products; it works well for halogen free flame retardant thermoplastic and high filling plastic, and can bring good for appearance of final products.
    This product can significantly reduce the friction coefficient, improve the smoothness and the surface luster, in order to enhance the silky touch of the surface and strengthen scratch resistance.

    • HDPE optical fiber ducts
    • Silicone core pipes
    • HDPE boxes and bottles
    • Packaging films
    • Automotive interiors
    • Injection moulded items